REACH and its Goals

On 1 June 2007, the new chemical EU legislation – REACH Eg.Nr. 1907/2006 concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals - entered into force.

REACH should ensure a high level of protection of human health and the environment as well as facilitate the free movement of substances, on their own, in preparations or in articles, while enhancing competitiveness and innovation.

REACH shall create Europe-wide standardized provisions in order to register new chemical substances and to assess existing chemicals.

REACH attributes specific obligations in view to scope and timeframe to the actors – Manufacturers – Importers –Downstream Users in the supply chain. Retail shall have the obligation to pass on information by means of preferably safety data sheets. Customers and users should be guaranteed optimum protection.

REACH stipulates the policy „No Data No Market“. This means that after the expiry of certain time limits non-registered and/or non-authorized chemicals shall not be produced and/or imported to the European Union any more.

REACH Responsibilities

Manufacturers and Importers:
EU manufacturers and/or importers of substances, preparations or substances in articles shall register their chemicals with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) in order to continue with the manufacturing and/or import.

Downstream Users:
Downstream user use (use means any processing, formulation, consumption, filling into containers, storage, etc.) a substance, either on its own or in a preparation, in the course of their industrial or professional activities.

Downstream user shall meet the following obligations:

1) Is my use covered by the Exposure scenario? Did the registrant include the use in the registration?
2) Moreover on site risk management measures (RMM) shall be followed according to the safety data sheet (SDS). 


DONAU-CHEMIE AG, of which our company is a subsidiary, produces chemical substances. DONAU-CHEMIE GROUP, operating in Central and East European Countries with tasks as manufacturer, importer, downstream user and distributor, committed herself to fully meet the requirements of REACH.
For more information about REACH legislation and its implementation within DONAU-CHEMIE GROUP please visit, section REACH.


Under REACH regulation, we have the important task to propel the information flow in the supply chain on the use of chemical substances.

REACH requests, from the downstream users, to contribute to this process. If you want to communicate your uses, please contact us. We will forward the uses to our suppliers.

Our main goal is to make sure, that your supply of chemicals is guaranteed and that they can be used in a safe way. We put a lot effort into our business to ensure that your business remains undisrupted.

The Donau Chemie Group as Your Contact!  

The Donau Chemie Group has carefully observed the legislative procedure. She has acquired expertise timely in order to implement REACH and lives it with her own broad product range. The Donau Chemie Group is engaged in business in the European Union and in global markets. In view to REACH, the Donau Chemie Group wears many hats: She acts as a manufacturer, importer, downstream user and distributor. The business expertise and the continuous education of her staff in the Department Safety, Environment & Quality allows to help you with a tailored support for the implementation of the REACH regulation in your company.



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